The Dusk Court

The Dusk Court is the court of Entropy, Ennui, and the Twilight. This Court is the most closely associated with Death in all forms but typically attracts those who study or have experienced death such as Necromancers, Wraith, Geist, a few Immortals, and even some Psychics. The Dusk Court is rather orderly in general but it does have its anarchic members who believe the best way to study death is first hand experience. However, the few truly horrible Others usually belong to the Night Court due to the freedom and lack of rules it imposes.

The Dusk Court are the archivers and keepers of Records. They always called as witnesses in trials due to their impartially and knowledge of the past.

1. The Covenants

2. The Leaders

3. Places of Power

The Dusk Court

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