Character Sheets

A good source of character sheets is Mr Gone’s Rock Solid Character Sheets

Here is an HTML sheet for putting your character sheet in the Character Wiki: Wiki Character Sheet Template

New Merits

Merit – Mantle

Some Others exlemphy the Court so much that they begin to physically and metaphysically changing to represent there association.

  1. 1/2 Cost One-time Merit
    • Dawn – Harvest
    • Day – Contacts
    • Dusk – Mentor
    • Night – Resources
  2. 1/2 Cost Repeatable Merits
    • Dawn – Allies
    • Day – Status
    • Dusk – Haven* (or equivilant)
    • Night – Retainer
  3. Free Specialization in a Ability
  4. +1 dot to a Finesse Stat (Dexterity, Manipulation, and Wits)
  5. The character gains a power that emphasizes their association and personification of their Court

Merit – Harvest

Merit – Warden

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