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I. The Treaty

We are the Others,
We serve different forces,
But in the Twilight there is no difference between the absence of darkness and the absence of light.
Our struggle is capable of destroying the world.
We have concluded a Great Treaty, a truce.
Each side shall live according to its own laws, 
Each side shall have its own rights.
We delimit our own rights and our own laws.
We are Others.
We establish the Night Watch so that the Light may monitor the forces of Darkness.
We are Others.
We establish the Day Watch so that the Darkness may monitor the forces of Light
We are Others.
We establish the Wardens so that Entropy and Life may monitor the Light and the Darkness.
Time will decide for us.

II. The Veil

Levels of Veil Breeches (Intervention)

  1. First Degree –
  2. Second Degree –
    1. 1st degree Murder of an Other
  3. Third Degree –
    1. Manslaughter of an Other
    2. Unsanctioned Creation of an Other (Unwilling)
  4. Fourth Degree –
    1. Attempted Murder & Aggravated Assault of an Other
    2. Unsanctioned Killing of a Mortal
    3. Unsanctioned Creation of an Other (Willing)
  5. Fifth Degree –
    1. Providing circumstantial evidence of the Others to a mortal
  6. Sixth Degree – Unsanctioned influence of a Mortal with magic
  7. Seventh Degree – Influence of a Mortal on the borderline between magic and ordinary conversation

III. The Others

All humans have a spark of the divine in them. When that spark becomes a blaze, the human becomes an Other, a supernatural creature that is no longer human. the Others typically still look like mortals and have many of the same weaknesses but they also have strange vulnerabilities, diets, and powers that make them more than human – even inhuman.

A person’s spark becomes a blaze in one of two ways: Fate or Willful creation. Willful creation is when a supernatural spends seeds the human with their own will and activate the spark making the human the same kind of Other as the creator. The second, fate, is a fickle thing where the human becomes an Other due to some significant supernatural event that was not intended to create an Other but it jump starts the the human’s spark and creates an Other by seeming accident.

IV. The Pillars

The Courts, or Pillars as they are are called by the oldest of the Others, are the basis of organization and government of the Others. There are two greater and two lesser Courts.

The greater courts are Day & Night. The lesser courts are Dusk and Dawn. In the ancient past the Dusk and Dawn courts were ascendant in the past but as morality of humanity shifted from Life and Death to more ambiguous Order versus Chaos of these moderns days.

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