Night Watch - Atlanta

First Impressions

Game Session 1: May 3 by Locke

Finished a shift and came home to find a note from Tallfeather about meeting some people at Masquerade. Hardly an auspicious start to an evening, but not entirely unexpected. At least it’ll be interesting.

I grabbed a quick shower and got myself together before heading out. It’s nice to get out of work clothes into something relaxed, and food hits the spot.

The trip down is quiet, Atlanta’s traffic is slowed down from the evening rush. It’s overcast, but not raining. A perfect night, really. The bouncer at the door just nods as I breeze past the line. I forgot to look at the acts playing that night, but apparently someone is on stage with a following because the crowd is gathering outside.

In Purgatory’s bar, I slide in behind the bar with a smile at the bartender. He looks a little startled, but I quickly talk him down while pouring myself a gin and tonic. Great for a hot night. Krishna’s over at a table, but he hasn’t done anything other than acknowledge my presence, so I leave him be. My first contact for the night comes in after about half an hour. He looks decidedly out of place – uncomfortable even. As he walks through the crowd, I’m wondering how long it’s been since he was even human. He shows no sign of understanding how to be normal at all.

He spots me quickly enough and comes over, introducing himself as Jacob. The man’s got on full damn urban camo, including a camo beanie on his head. What the fuck? He’s got the thousand yard stare of a man who’s dead inside and hasn’t figured out how to crawl out of the grave.

Luckily, I’m distracted from the freakshow by the appearance of my other expected contact, who just shows up in the seat next to us. I try not to act too surprised about that, but it sorta spooks me. Gotta be a damn mage. Not many others can effect that kind of quiet. Theo’s typical day court nonsense. The tye is perfect, the shirt’s well tailored. His accent is pure texas, but who knows. I expect he’ll be as by-the-book as I’d feared, but that doesn’t have to be bad. We’ll see how he is.

While we’re talking, we realize we’re slowly being pulled upstairs. We all just roll with it. Not much to do when you’re playing vampire games except to just roll with it. So, we find our fourth, a little weasel of a guy with an english accent and a real penchant for trouble. He says his name is Rhett, but I’ve a feeling that there’s little he’ll say that’s related to the truth. That one’ll be interesting to keep track of I think. With all four of us together, we quickly find our way in front of Lakshmi, which is really the last place in Atlanta I’d like to be. That woman’s a heartattack waiting to happen. I don’t think any of my compatriots get the severity of what the hells is happening, but they don’t act completely stupid, so I’m alright.

We get our orders and head out. The message was recieved pretty clearly that this isn’t ordinary. There’s some damn competition on and we’ve been entered in the rolls for some reason. I can guess at myself, but who knows what these others owe.

Underground’s slow by the time we get down there to investigate. The club where this riot happened is, like all empty clubs in the day, sorta sad looking. The absence of people and life leaves it feeling unnatural and morbid. Most places feel that way to me when you remove the living though. Like everything is only a fire drill away from being in the Underworld.

We locate the security tapes and piece together the scene. Pretty basic really. Probably a vamp, but he’s being blatent. That seems odd for a license’d vamp. They usually like to maintain appearances. Why’s he risking all this? Someone put him out here as a pawn to test us?

Scouring the area, the dead say there’s a day court shifter who haunts the Underground. Guys name is lil Tom. Theo looks him up and after a day of leg work, we head over to his place that evening. Hopefully he can lead us to the “Angry Man” that the ghosts mentioned.

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