Zoe Jackson

Warm, vibrant, creative, bookish, curious, loyal.


Zoe gives off the vibe of your favorite camp counselor, the teacher who listened to your troubles in high school, or your childhood friend’s mom who let you have all the cookies you wanted. She’s got a bit of what some might call a “cop face” but she’s had her wilder moments. Her sense of humor can be bitingly sarcastic.

Around new people, especially those of the more… exotic varieties, she’s reserved. You get the impression that she’s mentally filing everything away, although she’s friendly enough.

Zoe looks to have a full-body tattoo plan in progress. She has two full sleeves of swirling, twisting, flowering vines that end a couple of inches above her wrists, and there are hints of other tattoos on her chest and back, if she’s wearing her casual clothes. Her weekend and after-hours wardrobe usually consists of a tank top, an ever changing assortment of necklaces and bracelets, dark jeans and big stompy boots. She carries a high quality leather satchel with her, and drives a classic Harley Davidson.


Zoe Jackson

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