Vincent Petty

Preoccupation with the dreaming world makes him seem more distant than he is.


Vincent looks a little sick. Something about his demeanor says that he probably didn’t sleep all that well last night. You get the impression that he hasn’t eaten or slept in a few days, even if you just saw him eat a full meal.

He’s generally wearing a slacks, a button up shirt, and even a jacket… but somehow he always looks like he just stepped out of a 20 hour plane flight. The jacket has weird creases, the shirt doesn’t look ironed, and the slacks have a strange mustard stain in the lap. You may have seen him put on a fresh set of clothing, fresh from a dry cleaning bag, but somehow in 5 minutes it looks like it needs to go back.

Nothing about Vincent seems intimidating until you stare into his eyes… they seem to be much deeper than they should be.


I can’t remember the last time I got a full night’s sleep.

Growing up in New York meant there was always a traffic jam just outside the window and when there wasn’t the neighbors screaming was audible. The nightmares only really started when I was in school though. At first it was the same basic “running scared” dream, but the unknown thing I was running from got more and more defined as I got less and less sleep. It wasn’t until the day I got taken that I realized the nightmares were echos backwards in time from the escape I’d have to make one day.

Being taken really wasn’t all that bad… the work wasn’t as backbreaking or dangerous as some of the stories I’ve heard from others like me. Sifting through other people’s thoughts to figure out what was going to happen before it did though was a never ending cycle. Someone’s always asleep somewhere… which meant I never was. When the hallucinations go away you know you’ve really made progress.

Unfortunately my mistress didn’t like some of the predictions I made… the pain helps you stay sharp according to her. It was after I missed some of the big ones that I realized I needed to get out or I wasn’t going to live much longer. Luckily because I’d been dreaming of the escape since I was a kid I knew how to get out… Who says nightmares aren’t useful?

When I made it back to this side I tried to go back to a “regular” life, but that doesn’t work once you know what you are. I decided I might as well make some of my skills useful, so I asked around for work in the court… apparently I’ve been selected for something important.

I just wish that a new set of dreams hadn’t started as soon as I took the job. So far they’re pretty nondescript…. just a general sense of impending dread. Dread bad enough to wake me up sweating 2 hours after I shut my eyes.

Did I mention I can’t remember the last time I got a full night of sleep?

Vincent Petty

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